Our departments

What started as a vision of rethinking talent is now a renowned powerhouse with a solid network around the globe.
We work with everything from building social media and brand stratgies, business development, PR, Project Management, IT, Sales etc. Find the department which matches your competencies and become part for the team!

PR & communications

We tell powerful stories, build social media strategies, and create content to move audiences. This department holds creative copywriters, PR-specialists, social media managers & communication strategists.

Branding & marketing

Building brand strategies & positioning, defining audiences & optimizing costumer journeys. Fueled by creativity and data. Our team holds marketing strategists & e-commerce managers.

Project Management

Organizing and planning projects and deadlines, ensuring a structured process and desired outcomes. Process driven by nature our project management makes sure our team reaches  their goals in time.


Concepts, strategies, campaigns, and creative directions. Our creative department consists of graphic designers, art directors, re-touchers and inhouse photographers.


Our IT team works to remedy all technical difficulties and obstacles, ensuring functional platforms, optimized websites, and a steady work process for their colleagues.

Business development

Where ideas, developments and initiatives have their beginnings and unfold. Driven by optimization, our team builds strong connections and creates strengthens business-decisions.


Our Legal department makes sure that everything is as it should be and goes as planned. They take care of all legal circumstances hereunder the GDPR rules, contracts and much more!


Solution-oriented and natural sales folk who meet costumers at an eye-level, our team analyzes, investigates, and develops leads to generate the best basis of contact with our customers.


Our finance team keeps a track of budgets and possesses a structered overview to analyze, solve and advise, ensuring a safe process and a stable foundation for growth.


Insuring the conditions of employment, employee well-being and development. The HR team makes sure that our employees have the best conditions and are happy and satisfied with their job every day. Furthermore, HR are responsible for recruiting new talents across all our companies!