Our adresses:

Aabulevarden 52, 2-4 floot
Aarhus C, 8000 Denmark


From cold fjords and deep forests to the smokestacks of buzzing metropolis and people on the go. woods_ copenhagen is raw nature and pure ingredients from natural sources high up north meeting busy urban life all over the world — to soothe, protect, nourish and keep skin in its natural element.


In 2010, Martin Lyne and Jannick Lindberg co-founded what would later become one of the world’s most influential modelling agencies: Le Management. Responsible for the careers of international top models and icons, supporting them emotionally as well as professionally remains their most important task. And this includes guiding them to the best skincare routines to protect their skin against environmental pollution, constant heavy makeup, jetlag and long working hours. Privately, their twin girls suffer from extreme sensitive skin and allergies. They soon discovered that the beauty industry was a maze of confusing claims, harmful additives and ineffective products. Finding pure, organic and honest skincare turned out to be a difficult task and Martin quickly realized that the only way to truly know what a product contained was to create their own — with the help of Scandinavia’s leading dermatologists and skincare experts. First came a few carefully crafted yet potent products, infused with the efficacy of the nature that surrounds us. The journey continues with a complete skincare line.

woods_copenhagen was established in 2017 on a set of strong, ethical values and a heartfelt passion to provide the purest, most effective and best possible skincare to our loved ones and our models when travelling around the globe. We insist on using only potent and powerful yet natural and pure ingredients, sustainable packaging and honest claims.