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Christian IXs Gade 1, 3rd floor
Copenhagen K, 1111 Denmark


Management that matters

Guided by the vision of founder Michelle Hatchwell, with more than 25 years experience in the field, Le Management Society strives to deliver opportunities, exploring the different paths of popular culture and creating credible and strong content. We represent some of the best artists, athletes, icons, musicians and story tellers. Combining creativity and professionalism, we’re all about hard work and grinding – built on the premise that it is possible to make a creative playground, rather than a production factory. We appreciate honesty and people who are true to themselves and what they believe in.

We promise to:

Surprise you!

Because when you surprise people you get their attention. Look different, speak a different language and they will watch and listen. If your message is crafted with love and originality, then that message will land harder.

We want to give you useful ideas and service.

Our daily mantra is ‘don’t think outside the box, be outside the box’.