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Copenhagen K, 1111 Denmark
Aaboulevarden 52, 2-4th floor
Aarhus C, 8000 Denmark


Hood Agency

is a Copenhagen based full service creative studio specialized in conceptualizing, refining and refreshing brand vision through design solutions and rebranding strategies for the world’s leading brands. Acting as a strategic as well as creative source to our clients we tell powerful stories built on a distinct aesthetic.

Editorial & campaign productions

With an extensive international network including the biggest photographers, stylists and models worldwide, we offer editorial and campaign productions taking you every step of the way from solid concepts, location scouting and inspiring moodboards to complete campaign looks and graphic layouts.

Graphics & visual design solutions

The fashion and advertising industry is an aesthetic marketplace, where first impressions are paramount. We offer full visual identities rooted in solid brand strategy created to move costumers at every touchpoint and drive clients’ growth.

Omnichannel marketing strategies

As technology gets increasingly integrated to our everyday lifes, the lines between what we do online and in real life begin to blur. Modern customers look for seamless shopping experiences including physical stores, events, websites, social media and mobile apps. We offer omnichannel strategies combining online and offline channels into seamless and complete storytelling.

Social media strategies & content

Social media has become a powerful marketing channel allowing costumers to interact directly with brands and letting influencers be trustworthy ambassadors. We create tailored social media strategies and personalized experiences matching brand concepts in omnichannel solutions. Shot by professional photographers and featuring carefully selected national or international profiles and locations we produce social media content and streetstyle campaigns designed to elevate your brand.

Creative consulting & direction

Great ideas by themselves are worthless. Great ideas combined with winning strategies and succesful execution however can change the status quo of your brand. We offer creative consulting and direction every step of the way performing 360 degree analisys of brand strengths and weaknesses, establishing strong marketing strategies – and furthermore identifying and elevating costumer touchpoints.