About us

Lyne & Lindberg Group is an international conglomerate consisting of seven diverse brands and companies within different industries. Our selection of companies and brands has allowed us to gain unique insights, knowledge, and valuable experiences, which we turn into a synergy between all companies.

We are an innovative powerhouse in constant development and are always on a lookout for new opportunities. We offer a steep learning curve, an ambitious team in all departments, and share a dynamic and open-minded workspace where values like innovation, curiosity, professionalism, passion, and team spirit are on the agenda.

We believe in entrepreneurship, improvement opportunities, and are not afraid of renewing the market in all industries that we enter. We are frontrunners, who build new strong brands, help talented start-up companies, and create powerful brand strategies for clients globally.

We see opportunities where others see limitations!

What sprang from a vision and ambition of rethinking the take on talent representation to make a long-lasting mark in the industry, today is a renowned and acknowledged powerhouse with a solid network of partnerships, stakeholders, and creative artists around the globe.

Lyne & Lindberg is where ideas get to grow, potential is built, and new talents evolve.

If you desire to develop your personal and professional skills and wish to get the chance to see your visions, come to life – then this might be the perfect fit for you. Get an overview of how our dear organization is structured and how it is all connected below.